Professional Civil and structural engineers are in high demand worldwide, so it is essential to ensure you have the best possible continuing education courses to keep your license current and valid. Are you looking for online PDH courses that will give you the necessary skills and knowledge? We will discuss some of the best online PDH courses for civil and structural engineers.

1) Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Stormwater is an essential component of the environment, but it will also be a source of pollution if managed improperly. To ensure the best possible environmental outcomes, civil and structural engineers must understand how stormwater is affected by the engineered construction projects they are designing. DiscountPDH offers an online course on Stormwater Pollution Prevention for civil engineers that focuses on identifying, evaluating, and controlling potential sources of nonpoint source pollution. This course includes topics such as EPA regulations, stormwater management best practices, design of detention ponds, and construction site runoff.

2) LiDAR Technology

One of the courses for civil engineers is LiDAR technology. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) uses laser beams to map terrain, buildings, vegetation, and other structures in 3D for various engineering and land surveying projects. This technology helps engineers create accurate models of existing structures or sites that need to be built or modified. LiDAR can provide detailed, real-time data to help engineers plan and design projects in a fraction of the time it would take to do by hand. With its accuracy and speed, LiDAR technology is becoming increasingly crucial for engineering projects across all disciplines. Taking an approved PDH course on LiDAR technology will help engineers understand how to use it effectively and how it can benefit their projects.

3) Construction Project Management

Managing a construction project efficiently is critical to completing it. This course covers the basics of project management, from planning and budgeting to scheduling and risk assessment. It also provides strategies for dealing with challenges that may arise during a project. Additionally, this PDH course provides an overview of the various stakeholders involved in construction projects and how to manage their expectations effectively. Finally, it covers the importance of stakeholder communication and collaboration during construction project management. This course should be taken by civil or structural engineers seeking a better understanding of best construction practices.

Some topics covered in this course include:

1) Project Planning and Budgeting

2) Scheduling Techniques

3) Risk Analysis & Prevention Strategies

4) Stakeholder Management & Communication

5) Regulatory Compliance

6) Project Documentation & Reporting Requirements

7) Construction Quality Control & Assurance

8) Contractor Management Strategies

Final Words

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